Does Your Website Convert?

Do you know what website design can do for your business? Have you ever really taken the time to look into?

It is quite outstanding how much a great web design will increase conversion rates on your website. Just think about it someone clicks on your site and either sees something they like or dislike. If they like it they will stay and try to find out more. If not then they will leave and find a website they do like.

In actuality you have two seconds to really impress someone who visits your website. That is a very short period of time. So the faster you make a good impression the better. For service business such as roofing you do not need custom animation or any high-end design of this matter. You need a clear direct message.

A message that commands the visitor to stay on your site and learn more about your products. This is where we are able to intrigue the visitor enough to fill out a contact form, which then becomes a lead for your business.

This is what conversion is for. Getting new leads or sales from your website. Without a great web design team on your side, this will not be a common occurrence.

Conversion can mean different things for different marketing campaigns. Some people may want leads. Ecommerce websites will want sales. Some campaigns are built to increase subscribers and others are built just to collect emails.

Whatever the online marketing campaign may be. It is imperative that the website perform for your particular business. Without conversion optimization, you could be throwing your money down the tubes.

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Website Design and Seo Have Always Been Pride In Our Company

Websites have come such a long way since we started. Especially now with so many people now using content management systems such as WordPress, joomla, and others. These cms platforms make it so easy to construct a website that many people have become web designers.

The interesting thing about building websites is that you can build a beautiful website, but no one may ever see it unless you hire a seo company. Websites are not like they used to be. In the fact that “if you build it they will come” type of scenario. We utilize the best Philadelphia seo company to perform seo for our clients. They have done a great job with our clients. We also use expert Philadelphia seo services for pay per click and social media. When it comes to internet marketing, Philadelphia is the new and upcoming city for these services.

Having a website that performs can work wonders for business looking to increase their brand names and of course sales. Many jobs have been moved off shores in recent years, that local people have needed to find a better way to bring in local business. Well this is the way. Through web design and seo. There are numerous reports out there that say this is the best way to do things in our current economy.

I for one whole-heartedly agree. Not just because I am a website designer or I promote seo. Nope. I say so because of what the facts say. You can hide the truth that newspaper and yellowbook advertising are basically becoming extent at this point.

If you have not already moved your business to online, then it is a must that you do. First start with a website. Then hire the best philadelphia seo company that will really get the job done. Tell them to give you references about their clients and actually call those references. This will ensure you are working with proper team. One that will give you the results and expectations you are looking for. Don’t be just another account number to your internet marketing company. It is best to work with smaller companies so that you get the attention you need. Larger companies will just pass you around every time you call and they won’t even know who you are most of the time if not all the time. This can become very frustrating for a client. I know it would be for me.

So choose wisely and choose correctly. Your ride will be smooth and profitable.

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How SEO Is Performed On A Website

SEO can take your business website to new levels and increase website traffic. There are common steps in all philadelphia seo company campaigns. Below is a list of these items.

URL structure – does the website use friendly seo structure so search engines can read what the page is about

MetaTags – each page has a title and a description meta tag, each tag should match what the page is about

>The title metatag is only to have a maximum of 60 characters

>The description metatag is to only have a maximum of 160 characters

>There is also a keywords met tag, but it can be considered spam so I recommend not using this

Internal links – internal links should be directed towards the correct pages so that people continue to navigate

Sitemap – each website should have a sitemap that is submitted to google webmaster tools

WWW prefix – determination of using the www prefix or not using the www prefix must be determined immediately so there is only one instance of the site instead of two

ATL tags – each images has its own name and should be general but also regard the website

Text – text on pages will need to be associated with the url name of that page and should be on topic

Keywords – using keywords in your text is ideal but you don’t want to over do it

Semantic keywords – using similar words will help with not overusing certain keywords and actually google favors the similarities

Fresh content – constantly publishing new pages or blog posts keeps your website to be constantly crawled because of the new information

Incoming links – incoming links are key to increasing rankings, so the more links you have the better

Social media – including social media on a website will help it get indexed faster by search engines

Outbound links – linking to the best resources increases the authority of the site

Page rank – page rank is a measure from 0-10 about how great your site is

Domain authority – the higher the domain authority the better and you get it by having other high domain authority websites linking to yours

Page authority – this is authority by page instead of the entire domain they are two different values

Trust flow – this shows the level of trust that your website has

Citation flow – this shows many other websites have cited your website and is based on a measurement

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What Should A Website Include

Modern websites of today have many things in common. Below is a list of the many common items that websites currently have.

Basic Pages

Home – This will be the main page of your website. The starting page for visitors.

About us – Tell visitors about you and your company.

Contact us – Let people know your contact information so they can reach to you.

Services – Tell visitors what services you offer from your business.

Blog – Articles about your industry and your business.

Page Items

Logo – Create a custom logo for your site so it stands out amongst the crowd. Most logos are in the top left section of the website.

Phone number – Most phone numbers are listed in the top right of the website.

Pictures – Sprinkle pictures around to make it more appealing.

Key Items – List some of your services or items for a quick glance.

Contact form – Entice people to contact you immediately.

Navigation menu – This will be at the top and have links to secondary pages of your website.

Text – You want to have text on your site explaining what the pages are about.

Links to other pages – Throughout the text you will want include links to other pages.

Portfolios – Show people the work you have done.

Testimonials – Let everyone know what clients are saying about your services.

Clients – Show who your clients are as people will recognize this locally.

Contact information – This will let people know where you are located.

These are the main items that most websites have in their designs.

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